The Dark Night Sky 暗黒の夜空

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Aug 9, 2019 14:53
Lately, when I have looked up to the sky during coming back to home , I have seen large moon in the sky. It is large orange moon. It is really fantastic moon.

In ancient time, there was no electric light, the light in the night was only moon and stars in the sky. That’s why, the night was more darker than today, and the moon and the stars were more brighter looking than today.

Nowadays we have electric light, so the ground has many electric stars and real stars light seems not bright.

In ancient time, the night sky was a fantastic god’s world than the dark ground.
But today, it is changed to opposite.

I think nowadays the gods of stars see under our world such as the ancient peoples looked up the night sky during imaging god’s story with stars,




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