The dog bites the hand that feeds you

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Jun 20, 2019 11:14
I decided to walk with my dog in the morning for my health. So I have got up at 6 am lately. Usually, my dog is sleeping at that time line. Then I prepared for walking.
After finished preparing, when I try to give a lead to my dog, he snarls.
Last time his humor was bad, he bites my hand.

Japan has a proverb that says “ The dog bites the hand that feeds you.”
The meaning is you are betrayed and opposed anyone who are favored very much a long time from you.
Me too, “ My dog bites the hand that feeds me.” But after that, he licked the bited place.
I might he was sleepy and wanted to sleep, because of early morning.



私も、”飼い犬に手を噛まれた。” でも、その後で噛んだ場所を舐めてくれた。朝早いから寝ていたかったみたい。
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