The Labor Shortage 人手不足

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Aug 24, 2019 00:22
Japan has been said many times the labor shortage, but I haven’t fully realized long time. When I visit to a McDonald’s and a convenience store, there is usually working some foreigners. It arise from the labor shortage in Japan.

But still I didn’t fully realized on the labor shortage, finally today, I fully realized it with a accident.

I don’t have a fax, but I had to send a fax today, so I went to a nearby convenience store to sed a fax. And a flayer put on the door.
There was informed about the store will be close from 1am to 5am.

I read a article through internet before, it said that the convenience store can’t open 24 hours from the labor shortage.

In that situation, is it not the convenience store ?

I discussed the matter with my friend by telephone, my friend tought me another convenience store started to be open 24hours for business without staffs from today.

I felt the labor shortage is serious problem in Japan, because it changed business appeal point of open hour.