The Spiritual Power Dwells in The Hair 髪と霊的なパワー

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Aug 21, 2019 12:43
My dog hasn’t been trimmed for almost 3 month, so his hair has been left to grow really long.

But some of humans, who hasn’t been cut for years with too long.

In Japan, we have a long history on the hair that the hair its Kanji 髪(Kami) and the god its Kanji 神(Kami) were same 髪(Kami) =神(Kami) , and the hair had been worship by Japanese.

Japanse has believed there has not only spiritual power but also it invites sprits.

Especially we had believed woman’s hair has strong spiritual power. Japanese thought the woman who has beauty black hair was fallen in love with at first sight that reason the spiritual power in the hair invites the high rank mans.

I wondered how about on dog with the hair?





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