The Naming Sense for The Life ネーミングセンス

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Aug 8, 2019 16:55
My friend say to me “You don’t have a naming sense”. I thought a title for a new publication last time, all of them were NG from him.

The names of a product or a service influences to their selling extremely. The image are almost fixed on the name. That’s why, naming sense is important.

The company has professional copywriter for their product or service. It will be a matter when ordinary people give a name to children.

In Japan, we call “Kirakira Name (sparkle name) “ for a strange given name to chidren. Some of parents don’t has common sense on the names here.

Actually, one father gave a name as “Akuma (Devil)” with a child, and it was criticized in Japan.
In this spring, one high school student apply to an court to change given name by himself.
He had been bothered with his name, it was “Oujisama(prince)”. The court accepted his applying and he could change his given name.

Given name with children will be fix their life, it doesn’t finish the parents don’t have a naming sense.





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