The Family Caste

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Jun 23, 2019 13:02
I have kept a dog just about 5 years.
Lately, I decided to get up early morning for walking with my dog. I got up early morning, and I tempted the dog for walking. Still the dog was sleeping and he seemed sleepy. When I pushed him more strong, he snarled and bit my hand.

The dog makes the group with central a leader for living by nature, the leader has absolute power. I heard if keeping dog bites an owner, it meaning is a warning that reversed relation of master and servant.

If I follow the mention, my dog falls under lowermost. But the dog have been staying together with us more than 5 years, it can be say that he is one of my family member.

If our family has the caste, the dog’s position is most highest in rank. Since it’s meaning on “ The dog is most careful and loved by family members”.