I visited to the dermatology clinic 2days before.

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May 26, 2019 23:36
I visited to the dermatology clinic 2days before. I visited the hospital first time. I did not need there only acepts booking.

When I apply to visit the doctor, it had already full booking. The receptionist said me, it would be able to take only over 5:30. At that time, 11:00. First thought I have to wait about 6 hours, It was too late. But I decided to wait till 5:30.

I went to library close to the hospital.

At 5:30, I left the library and visiting the hospital again.
There were still many patients and waiting their own turns. I wait over 30 minutes from my booking time. And finally my name was called, and I entered the doctor's room.

The doctor was woman. She was old, She seems around 60.
Her behavior was too bad. I was new patient, and waiting too much long time.
But she said me my symptoms as fat. And her taking was also bad.
She said me I am tired, because of end of working time.

I just remember some old womans when I met them at before my office.
They changed behavior on their mood. They usually talk on emotionally. They does not care other person's feeling.

There was not a office. I was a new patient, she was a doctor.
We were not same standing. The doctor did not understand the docotor is chosen from the patients.