I was about to die with thermic fever

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Jun 17, 2019 17:12
I had a colleague who was boxer before, and he tought me how to succeed the diet.
He succeeded begorra 20kg less weight by this way. The way is one hour walking with layered wearing under a sauna suit.

I tried to it when I walk with my dog in the morning. About 2days after, my weight was 2kg less. I was happy, so I decided to continue everyday. But third day, tragedy happened.

I took a shower after one hour walking in the morning and I sit the chair as usual. But somehow I felt pain with my joints. And then, I lied the bed because I felt gagging. I had a high fever when I was lying the bed.

After I sourced internet it might symptom of thermic fever.
I tried to diet, and pretty much I was about to die.




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