Resume Commercial Whaling 商業捕鯨再開

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Jul 1, 2019 11:11
Commercial Whaling resumes from the today after 31years absence in Japan.
I read the internet news that local peoples except whaling as special feature for tourism, and want to come a lot of peoples to eat whale.

But, how many Japanese had eaten whale before?
How many persons visit the country to eat whale, even though most of Japanse had not eat before in Japan?

If somebody had experience of eat something, who may think want to visit the country for eating it. But nobody want to visit for eating on bother travel, even though they don’t understand the taste.

Important topic is act of eating and relation with the target to eat.
The world has various food cultures, some of the countries eat dog and cat, but others don’t eat them.

I think it is dificult to resume commercial whaling, if Japanese don’t again recognize whale as the target to eat in Japan where have forgotten “The eating whale”.