Big Earthquake

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Jun 25, 2019 07:29
A magnitude 4 earthquake was happened in Kanto yesterday. Before, I wondered Kyushu had about a magnitude 3 earthquake. I reflection, a magnitude 6 earthquake was happened in Osaka at morning last June.

I was in Osaka at that time. I staied highest foor of the hotel, and it was shaken hard by the earthquake. I left the hotel anyway, any trains and subways stopped.
So lot of peoples tried to go to companies by walk, I also worried I could not come back to home by train.

Then I had worried if more big earthquake would be happened during after one week. During the time, Kanto had been happened a earthquake like that linkage.

I have forgotten about earthquake through daily life. Kansai and Kanto have long distance, and last earthquake was one years before.

But in large scale of earth, many earthquake have been happened in Japan recently.
I might think that big earthquake would be happened close future.