The Capricious My Dog 気まぐれな私の犬

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Aug 18, 2019 15:01
I have kept a male terrier for about 6 years. He is really a capricious.
When he doesn’t want to walk, he will struggle for my asking. He bits me when I try to put a leash.

That’s why, I only can go to walk with him when he has a good mood.

Yesterday night, when I asked him to walk he was a bad mood. When I came to near him, he growled and tried to bit me, so I gave up walk with him.

But somehow he wanted to put his hand to me.
I showed my hand in front of him, he put his hand to my hand. And he switched another hand to put me and repeating it. After more, he licked my hand.

I remembered that long time ago he licked my hand after he bited me.




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