The Strangers in Night 夜の見知らぬ他人

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Aug 5, 2019 16:20
In the evening, two of them sit down next to my seat during I was drinking a tea in eatin space. They seems Taiwanese. I thought they were Taiwanese, but they spoke English.

Then, I left there and I started to walk on the way to home.

When I passed in front of a convenience store, black Americans couple passed in front of me. They also talked in English.

I felt it was strange to meet so many foreigners, because I live the countryside.

I walked ahead, and I arrived a playground nearby my home.

When I tried to pass through the playground, something like a dog sit in center and it was looking me. I looked hard at it, it wasn’t dog, it was fox.

I felt it was more stranger than before in night, because I live the countryside but to meet the fox is very seldom.