The blog about a talent’s life under medical treatment 芸能人の闘病ブログ

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Jul 18, 2019 15:59
One housewife wrote a slander comment to Japanese talent’s blog about her fighting against an cancer, which the case sent a document to prosecutor as crimes of intimidation.

It is said that when she announced her cancer, the housewife wrote “ Die, Get lost, Stupid.”

I wonder what she expects to the blog.

The talent was long before an idol, but now she is old and sometime she just performs local TV program. I guess everybody does not love her, and some of them does not want to see her face.

Whatever saints are not accepted by everyone.
I think the talent is foolish to expect only aid comment to her blog.

癌を公表した日のブログに、「死ね 消えろ 馬鹿みたい」と書き込んだらしい。



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