The St. Valentine’s Day in Japan

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Feb 14, 2020 09:10
Today is a St. Valentine’s Day in Japan. Japanese women or girls give a chocolate to a boyfriend today in Japan. To give a chocolate has a special meaning. It shows love to somebody. Japanese women and girls confess own love to someone at the St. Valentine’s Day.

However, there is a notice. To give a chocolate doesn’t mean always a declaration of love. Some person gives the chocolate as a duty. It doesn’t have love. It is just as a duty.

For example, even if an office lady gives a chocolate to her colleagues and a superior, it is just as a duty. She just wants to make a good relationship at an office.

We have a White Day next month. The boys and guys who received the chocolates at the St. Valentine’s Day give something to women and girls as a return gift of the St. Valentine’s Day.
They choose a present from a candy, a white chocolate, or a marshmallow.
The White Day also has a return gift as a duty.

I visited to a supermarket yesterday. I saw many chocolates that were selling at there.