Goods that have a turn in Japanese summer 日本の夏に出番が来るもの

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Jun 28, 2019 14:12
In Japan, some of goods don’t use usually, but their turn come in summer season.
They are Yukata, Uchiwa(fun), Furin(wind bell), Katorisenko(mosquito coil/ smudge).

Youkata is very similar looking to Kimono, but they are worn in summer. Japanese puts on the Yukata, and goes to the events suchlike a festival, a fireworks display in summer.

Uchiwa is used to cool the wind. Some persons also put on Yukata with Uchiwa to go out somewhere.

Furin is hung close to the window in summer. Glass Furin looking is cool, and it jingles through the window.

Katorisenko is a coiled smudge which likes a incense stick. We set fire to Katorisenko, and preventing mosquito on the smoke.





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