International marriage

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Feb 9, 2011 16:17 international marriage
The globalization has been extending to even international marriage lately. I ran across an article today, which says something about "international marriage".
In that article, it seems that Japanese government has been wondering if it sign up the Hague Convent(*) or not. Because there are different ways of thinking about marriage and family from those of other countries.
Anyway, as a one of people who would like to get married with a foreign, this topic is very interesting, however, I don't want to involve with this issue in my life: I don't want to divorce.

*The Hague convention bans parents in failed international marriages from taking children out of the country without the consent of their former partners.
It also calls on signatory governments to help children get home if either parent abducts them to another country. More than 80 countries have signed up.