In my opinion, corruption is the country of Brazilians not because ...

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Nov 6, 2014 08:47
In my opinion, corruption is the country of Brazilians not because of our politicians manner of do politics, but for two principal reasons. The vast majority of the population is blind, so is the first person in the figure, and who do not see, do not fight for their better future without corruption. Moreover, part of population already got used to corruption, they may want to continue to live their lives as it is today: with corruption everywhere.

The two personages in the picture represents the entire population of the country. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population could be represented by the blind one. Many people argue that politicians are corrupted or that one party is more corrupted than another and that is why the country is so divided nowadays. However, this is just a reflex of the problem showed in the figure: while a few protest and try to make the country a corruption-free-place, the vast majority seem to be blind.

In conclusion, yes most Brazilians desire the new, the change, and a better future. Achieving this dream means to have a corruption-free-country and this will not come as a gift or a boon. Therefore, to have a better future the population need to not only desire this but also actively engage in the change their want for the country.
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