Nice Small Bakery In My Town

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Oct 7, 2018 01:50
Lately, I've been into eating various kinds of breads. I knew of a bakery nearby my house, but unfortunately, the food there isn't very good.
Today, my English classmate took me to a small bakery after class. He said that it's the best bakery in Japan. It was an exaggerated statement! But anyway, I tried some breads in the store. When I ate one of them, I understood what he meant. It was really delicious!! The bread was already getting a bit cold, but it was still very soft and yummy.:) Apparently, some people come to the shop from far away. I was surprised, but while I was eating breads there, the costomers were coming constantly. I was surprised its popularity as well. Hmm. From now on, I'll go to the shop frequently as well.:D