"Which Do You Prefer, Urban or Rural Areas?"

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Dec 24, 2018 01:27
It's my first time participating in Artboy's event. I'm excited!:)

The theme of this event is "Which do you prefer, the city or the country?"

I've lived in Osaka since I was born, so I yearn for nature such as it is portrayed in the movie "Totoro". Its beautiful air and starry sky is beyond compare with the city's.
However, I'm a city person. That's because there are many various facilities in urban areas, so we have a lot of opportunities to be stimulated and experience various things. Whenever I go to somewhere in the countryside, I always miss Osaka within a few days. I really like my hometown. In the future, I want to live abroad or keep living in Osaka. I want to improve my language skills through my life, and touch many people, books, knowledge all over the world. This thought always makes me excited. I'll do my best to make it comes true in near the future!

Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve🎄

テーマ "都会と田舎、どっちが好きか?"



it's my first time 〜ing 〜するのは初めてです
〜is beyond compare with... 〜は ...と比較にならない
all over the world
throughout the world