I Promise That...

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Oct 13, 2018 02:23
Today, I went to a bookstore in Umeda. There were so many people who looked like businesspeople, undergraduates, or couples. In the store, I browsed some books related to English. One of them was written by a very famous interpreter. She is Japanese, with a brilliant background, and is active in the forefront. According to her book, dictation is a very helpful way to improve our listening skills. Especially, if we use English movies.
I've tried dictation before, but I didn't use a movie; I used a textbook. To tell the truth, it was a little boring, so always I couldn't keep up with it. I prefer writing and speaking practice to dictation. I can also say that I'd not been able to realize how instructive this method was. So today, I tried the method using a movie. I wanted to use the movie called "The Intern", but I didn't have its English script, so I gave up. I used another English drama.
When I started listening, I thought that everyone speaks too fast, I needed to replay every sentence about five times! Then I realized clearly that a speaking speed of the textbook for the TOEIC that I'm using everyday is much slower than real conversation...(/ _ ; )
Also I was able to learn many natural English phrases, so it was very informative! If I could keep up with it for a year, will my English skill skyrocket...? Hmm, I promise you that I'll incorporate this method into my routine, before I change my mind.XD
今までにもディクテーションをしたことがあるけど、映画は使わず、テキストを使っていた。正直言って退屈で、いつも続かなかった。私は英作やスピーキングの練習のほうが好きなんです。でもそれはディクテーションがどれだけ有益な方法なのかということに、気付けていなかったとも言える。そして今日、映画を使ってやってみることにしました!本当は"マイインターン"を使いたかったけど、英語のスクリプトがないから諦めた。他の英語のドラマを使いました。聴き始めると、みんな話すの早すぎて、同じ文を5回くらいリピートしないとダメだった!毎日使っているTOEIC対策用のテキストのスピーキング速度は、実際の会話と比べるとかなり遅いんだと思い知りました、、、(/ _ ; )