280. A Parcel From Japan

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Oct 10, 2019 00:42
I've just received a parcel, which I had sent from Japan to my current house in the UK. I sent three big parcels. I already received the first one a few days ago, and this is the second one. The final one, sadly, is still in UK customs!
I couldn't remember what kind of things I packed in the second parcel, so I was looking forward to getting it.
When I opened it, at first, it looked as if everything was fine. However, unfortunately, a photo frame, a chopstick rest, and a rice bowl my mother bought me before were broken. I will try to fix the chopstick rest tomorrow. I hope it will be okay!


customs 税関(sつける!)
I have already (alreadyはhaveの後)
as if 〜 was ・・・
unfortunately (llyにしない!)
chopstick rest 箸置き
rice bowl お茶碗
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