275. The Bar I Work In

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Jul 21, 2019 16:08
I'm getting used to working at the bar, which is my new second workplace. It have passed for one and a half months.(I've been working there for one and a half months.) I'm getting to remember many patrons' names and characteristics.

Actually, the owner of the bar has an intractable disease. When I started to work there, I didn't know about that at all. However, she doesn't come to the bar every night even though she lives in the house next door to the bar. The manager explained the reason to me and about her disease in detail. She has had surgery many times before, and apparently, she has just had it again two days ago..

Most of the patrons have been coming here for over 10 years. It surprised me.(I was surprised.) That's why the bar has a homely atmosphere.
Therefore, they know about her disease and they encourage her. Lately, she comes to the bar about only once a week. However, the most surprising thing is that whenever she comes here, she makes us laugh a lot. She is so funny and intense, so I can't help myself laughing. I think she is great.
I usually work at the bar four times a week. This week, I also worked there on Monday, so I worked five times in a week! I'm there almost every night.lol

It's informative and interesting to experience various types of jobs!



I'm getting used to 〜ing 〜に慣れてきた
(to 〜ing!!!)
I'm getting to remember 〜を覚えてきた(⚠️toいる)
intense (感情・行動が)激しい、極度の
intractable disease 特定疾患
next door to 〜の隣に
homely アットホームな(u.k.)
make A laugh Aを笑かす (⚠️laughed にしない!)
I can't help myself laughing 笑うのを我慢できない
This week, (⚠️In this weel, にしない!!)
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