If you lose your motivation?!

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Apr 16, 2014 01:07
Hello everybody,it's been a while!:)

Today's topic is..."what to do if you lose your motivation." :D
(It'll be a little long,sorry about that!x( )

As for me,I started to learn English when I was 13,and 2 years ago(when I was 14!) I started using the internet to improve my English skills. :D

I do think that talking to people in the language that you want to learn is always the best way to improve any language.

However! These days I feel like I've lost my friends on the internet.

I remember that there were a looot of people studying Japanese on Twitter when I started it,but now it seems that many of them have given up. (T-T) Also some times they seem to avoid talking with Japanese people in Japanese..

Some times when I talk with someone in English and can't understand them at all/can't express my feelings well,I tend to lose my motivation.(I think it's because I have a heart of glass.lol)

I guess that the same thing is happening to them now!

When I asked one of my friends who haven't studied Japanese in ages "why don't you study Japanese again?:0",he was like "I want to but I have like zero motivation now..."

Then what can I do for them?!
I want to cheer them up and help each other again!

Do you guys do anything special when you don't feel like studying?

Please tell me if you do(^3^)!