Bought a wireless vacuum.

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Feb 8, 2020 18:13
Bought a wireless vacuum.
I bought a wireless vacuum.
I will get a bonus in Feb, so I decided to buy it.
I searched the products online and compare of them.
I hesitated with Dyson or LG products.
But I live in small city and consider of AS, so I chose LG product.
I bought it online at Thursday night and It delivered today morning.
I charged vacuum for 4 hours and used it.
The power was a littlel weak than my thought, but It sucked up hairs and dust well.
It has two batteries and each can be use about 40 mins.
I used only one battery for cleaning my house.
The price was quite expensive but I satisfied with my choice.
And Thank for my wife to allow to buy this.
I will clean the house every weekend.