The story of the Ring of the Nibelung

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Mar 11, 2014 07:58
This story is a summary of Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. I modified some elements in the story to make it shorter. Also, I decided not to tale the story of the last part of The Ring of the Nibelung, "Twilight of the Gods".

The story takes place a long, long time ago, in a time where Gods ruled the world. The Almighty God named Wotan put on the Rhine a sacred piece of Gold, and asked to the three Rhine Girls to survey this Gold.

One day, as the three Rhine Girls were just swimming in the Rhine and having fun, a Nibelung, called Alberich, came (a Nibelung is like a dwarf but lives in the depth of the earth). He said "Hey, Rhine Girls, I love you", but he was so ugly that the Rhine Girls laughed and put him into a terrible hunger. He was so angry he stole the Rhine Gold, although he knew the terrible doom that occurs to the one who steal this Gold : "The one who steals the Rhine Gold will have a power equal to the Gods' one, but will never ever be able to love, and will never ever be loved". This stealing is terrible for the three Rhine Girls.

Far away from this place, in the palace of the gods, Wotan and this wife Fricka were afraid : the two Giants Fasolt and Fafner, who built the palace of the gods (the Walhalla) wanted to be paid, but they accepted only one payment : Freia, the girl of Wotan and Fricka. While they were trying to find a solution, Loki, another god, arrived and told to Wotan what happened in the Rhine. Wotan suddenly had an idea : "We will steal the Rhine Gold from Alberich, and we'll pay the Giants with this gold."

So Wotan and Loki went into Nibelheim, the place where all the Nibelung lives. They met Mime, the Alberich's brother, who was sad because Alberich became so bad and now control the entire Nibelheim, and was a real tyrant. Finally, Wotan and Loki managed to steal the Gold from Alberich. Let's explain something before the story continues : Alberich crafted several items from the Rhine Gold, because the Rhine in itself has no power. He built a hat which gives you the ability to transform yourself into any animal you want, and, mainly, he built the Ring, which gives you the ability to be fucking almighty and to be like a God.

They come back to the Walhalla and give to Fasolt and Fafner the payment. But Fafner is jealous, because he thinks he has less money than his brother, and, so, kill his brother to get the money. He has now the entire power of the Rhine Gold, and can be whatever he wants. He transforms himself into a gigantic dragon.

Far away from this place, several weeks later : a man, called Siegmunde, who's ran hours and hours finally find a house where he could rest. The owner of this house is away, but his wife, called Sieglinde, is still there, and let this man rest.
Then, the woman explains to this man that there's, in her house, a sword hammered in a rock. Once, an very very old man hammered this sword and said "No one, except my son, who will come soon into this house, will manage to put out this sword. This sword is not any sword : this is Notung, founded by the Gods. This is a sword much more powerful than any sword you saw. This is a magic sword"
Of course the man manage to put out the sword, and Sieglinde and Siegmunde fall in love together and decide to flee the house and go somewhere else. They have sex and Sieglinde gets pregnant.

But there's a secret that only Wotan knows : Siegmunde and Sieglinde are brother and sister, and their father is Wotan himself. Their son will be a hero and will be the one who will destroy Alberich and Fafner. But Fricka is shocked by one fact : Siegmunde and Sieglinde are brother and sister, this is incest. She asks Wotan to kill the two people, so there won't be incest, but Wotan refuses.
Finally, he accepts but can't do it by himself, so, he asks Brünnhilde, a Walkyrie, to do it herself. She agrees but, then, do not do it, because she does want Fafner and Alberich to die. Wotan gets so angry he destroys Notung, kills Siegmunde and kills Sieglinde. But Sieglinde had time, before dying, to give birth to her son, Siegfried. Moreover, Wotan puts Brünnhilde on the top of an high, high mountain and say "You, Brünnhilde, are the prisoner of this mountain. You will be free when a hero will come and save you. This hero will be your husband. I will never save you from this mountain. I chose this mountain because this is the place where Fafner, the terrible dragon, lives. My wrath is terrible, Brünnhilde, you disobeyed. May you be saved soon, Brünnhilde."

Siegfried is adopted by Mime, but they hate each other. When Mime knows that Siegfried is the one who will kill Fafner and, thus, gets the Ring, he wants to let him kill Fafner and, then, steal the Ring while he's sleeping. But there is a problem : every sword Mime builds, Siegfried breaks them. There is only one sword Siegfried couldn't break, this is Notung, but Mime doesn't manage to repair Notung. Finally, Notung magically repairs itself, and Siegfried can go kill Fafner. On the road, he understand Mime's plot, and kills him. So, he kills Fafner and, because he had to go on the top of the mountain to kill Fafner, he meets Brünnhilde and marry her.