The letter about enviromental problems.

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Apr 29, 2013 18:06
The letter about enviromental problems.

It was nice to have a letter from you after all this time. I was sorry to learn that your friend got ill. I have the same idea that it connect with the poor enviroment.
All world have the common ecological problems - pollutions, greenhouse effect, overpopulation and shortage of natural resources. And my country has the same problems.
I guess, I'm a big fan of nature and the great outdoors lover. So I think that each town should open enviromental groups for teenagers. This groups will help to be their town more cleaner and beautiful. Teenagers must care, where they live, because they can make the world more better!
And about my place of living. I prefer live in the country, because it has a lot of trees and flowers and more cleaner air.
I hope your friend get better. Ok, now I should go, because I promissed to my mum help to her with the garden.