1231_(Translation Practice) Humanoid Pepper joins Taoyuan City Government

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Dec 31, 2017 18:57 translation
This is a translation practice (from Chinese to English)
Please let me know your valuable opinions and suggestions about the translation.
Thanks a lot.


The Taoyuan City Government and the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs jointly designed Pepper, a humanoid robot, which starts serving the public today, answering questions about public affairs in the hall of The Taoyuan City Government on the first floor.

Cheng Wen-tsan, the Mayor of Taoyuan city, welcomed Pepper on 12/20 to the team, and other from that, Pepper was also awarded its own employee certificate. Pepper can reach its rich online database to answer questions of a great varieties of categories from offices’ functions to day-to-day problems. With the help of the artificial intelligence system, it becomes more intelligent as it experiences more and more different situations.

Head of the Taoyuan City Government Research and Evaluation Commission, Chan Ho-shun, said that Pepper would work every day from 9000 to 1600 in the hall on the first floor without a lunch break. In addition to providing services such as welcoming and guiding guests, it also shows an ability to help people with questions toward offices. Pepper not only saves costs but also demonstrates an eye-catching and fresh side of public services.

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