Being a Photographer or Being a Travel Writer?

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Mar 24, 2014 21:02
-Which sounds easier: being a photographer or being a travel writer?
Being a photographer sounds miles easier than being a travel writer. I think everybody could learn to take good pictures by practicing, “learning by doing”. However, people need much more practice, time and inspiration to become a good travel writer. The reason may be that most Spanish people were not trained to write quite frequently when we were children so now we need to do an effort to write exactly our thoughts and feelings.

-Would you like to be a travel writer or a photographer? Why? Why not?
Yes, I would like to be both because I like to take photos and write in general. In fact I’ve written my experiences since I was 7; I wrote about my personal life, made up stories and specially about my experiences about school trips because this was the only way the keep memories when I still didn’t have a photocamera. Nowadays I’d prefer to be a photographer because to take a photo is much faster than to write an article.