The 1st Spanish Constitution

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Mar 19, 2014 20:59
Today is the anniversary of the first Spanish Constitution, which was published on March 19, 1812 in Cádiz.
In Spain, March 19 is Father's Day and San José’s Day; for this reason, this Constitution is also known as “La Pepa ". Knowing that the word Constitution is a feminine term, and the men called José are also known as Pepe, Spanish people finally decided to affectionately call “Pepa” this Constitution.

The Constitution of Cadiz lasted only two years, until the May 4, 1814, when King Ferdinand VII returned to the throne. However it is considered one of the most liberal of his time. In fact, it established a constitutional monarchy, national sovereignty and separation of powers as the basis of the state. However, as liberal as the Constitution was for the time, women were still in a background: only men could vote. Besides, the state was not entitled to religious freedom.

In 1814 returned the Absolutism with Fernando VII, but the Pepa’s democratic traces would last for decades and will lay the foundation for other constitutions.
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