The Stages of Sleep

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Feb 27, 2013 07:50
The Stages of Sleep
We passed through various stages while we are asleep. These stages may be subdivided between two ones: Non-REM sleep and REM sleep.

*Non-REM sleep: (Rapid Eye Movement) it is the quiet or restful phase ofsleep. It lasts about 1 and 2 hours and it’s subdivided into 4 phases more:
1. It’s when we have just slept and we are in a state of semi-vigil. If someone talks to us we could even answer. We still can respond to certain sounds and tactile stimulation.
2. It starts when our brains switch off from the environment. Our senses become blocked in order us to can fall relaxed.
3. Our senses are completely “disconnected” and we begin to sleep deeply. Our brain activity, breath and muscle tono are gone down.
4. Our organims continue to lower the muscle tono, nervous connections, etc. We’re fast asleep already. We usually start to dream in the next phase but sometimes we could start in this one. And here is when sleepwalking, sleep talking, nightmares or the strange sensation we’re falling out.
Indeed, the reasons for these phenomena are small epileptic seizures. Small electric discharges in the brain cause sleep-disturbed as a result.

*REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). It’s the stage of paradoxical sleep.
Our braines records as electrical activity as we are asleep and our eyes move quickly. On the other hand we sleep more deeply and our muscle tone slow completely. We are dreaming almost for this whole stage. We are standstill.

The activity of this stage slow gradually until we began the cycle since the stage Non- REM. We can complete 4 or 5 continuous cycles during the whole night.