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Feb 23, 2013 07:47
I rode a very surprising article some months ago. It said that a Spanish driver put a mannequin as co-driver in order to free himself of a traffic ticket. It’s because some places in Spain have the rule that the vehicles with two or more occupants inside can use a fast lane.
But on the top of that, I’ve ride another surprising article today. It’s about a retired Chinese woman who was angry at how the fool people drove plenty of speed every day in front of her house, in the locaty of Ningho. Lin Chen, the sweet old-granny‘s name, had an idea in order to every neighbour slammed on the brakes. She tied a blow-up doll (“love doll”) to a tree!!
The woman might be a little prudent so she thought it would be very heavy to show the blow-up doll without clothes, so she wore it with a set of lingerie.
Amazingly, the curious plan has got the desired effect, and even police is astonished because the number of accidents has decreased drastically, according with “Mirror Online”.