A Scientific Breakthrough

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Mar 2, 2016 20:13
The scientific journal “Science” highlighted the CRISPR as the scientific event of the year. That is the name that receives the novel tool to edit genome. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to handle DNA to modify genes and enter or correct mutations.

It represents a breakthrough, because their applications range from design and treatment strategies for diseases such as malaria or cancer to improving transgenic crops or editing human embryos.

For example: Scientists at the University of California presented a mosquito genetically modified so that it cannot transmit malaria. If such mosquitoes are released into regions where malaria is endemic, they would mate with wild mosquitoes and transmitted the gene for resistance to infection to subsequent generations, bringing malaria cases could be reduced drastically.

Although it has a high precision, it is not infallible, and it can create mutations in the wrong places.This is one of the main reasons why some scientists are opposed to genetic edition of sperm and embryos for now.