Halloween and All Saint’s Day. PART 2

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Nov 1, 2013 07:07
I love interculturality. I would like to know about traditions from the whole world and I that’s why I take advantage of all the people I meet from other countries. But the Halloween celebration is not my favourite one, although I know I will end up celebrating it, whether I like it or not.
As I said in my last entry, All Saint’s Day is not as fun as Halloween, but families usually meet here (at least where I live in Spain) to roast chestnuts and eat a kind of dough made with flour and water and we always have a good time. Anyway I feel this tradition is being lost little by little.
There’s another tradition in my town (maybe something odd even for other Spanish people). It’s that children and teens meet at nightfall to go into streets and to cover the houses’ locks with a kind another kind of a dough that becomes really stiff when it’s dries, so it’s a hard joke because people are not able to open their doors in the following morning! It’s why jokers must be very cautious and run really fast if they are got! Anyway we have a trick, which is to put a piece of adhesive tape on locks.
Happy Halloween, by the way!
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