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Mar 8, 2014 09:08
Social networks have supposed a big breakthrough in today’s generation that, like it or not, is changing our lives. Currently, my favourite social network, and the only I use, is Facebook. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first; I created my account just because all my cousins suggested that it was the best way to keep in touch between us, because we live so far to one another.

On the one hand I think it’s a good tool that may provide pleasure as well as information about your fields of interest. It also let people keep in touch and communicate with their family and friends without spending money by phone or wasting time by post mails. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it becomes an efficient place to advertise our products or events.

On the other hand, Facebook decreases the direct communication between ourselves and other people; that means that we don’t do face to face communication with our friends, so we lose the non-verbal interaction. Besides people dress up by the social network; messages, number of friends, photos and postings let present themselves as they want to be. It’s because people invest a lot of time building a good profile and choosing the pictures in which they look at best. Apart of that, you may waste too much time on-line, even if you are tied up with others things!

In conclusion, social networks are really helpful, but we have to be cautious because sometimes we expects more from technology and less from each other, which translated to a new way of being: I share, therefore I am.
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