Saint Patrick's Day

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Mar 21, 2014 23:04
Saint Patrick's Day was celebrated yesterday in the language school where I attend. Every year it's a tradition to celebrate Halloween there. For example, I remember that last year all the teachers dressed up as ghosts, witches and similar things. Besides, the whole school was decorated with pumpkins and things linked to Halloween and we also had a special class.
However, the teachers thought that this year would be better to celebrate Saint Patrick instead of Halloween, in order to get out of the routine. So yesterday the teachers were wearing in green and they dedicated a time to speak about the meaning of this day, the origin and the traditions. After that, they organized a fun party in the trendy pub of the town. People had to pay two euros for the entrance and it was included a drink. Besides, a popular Irish music group played there. I wasn't able to attend but I suppose my mates had a good time!