My English Test

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Mar 12, 2014 19:03
Today is my English test. I have to do two reading parts, two listenings and two writings too.
Last Monday I did the speaking one. It wasn’t bad, but the examiners are really severe and I don’t know if I will pass it! In this test, pupils go into a classroom in pairs and once we are there, the examiners give us a target where it’s written the topic that we have to speak about. Firstly, the two of us have to do a monologue and after that, we have to do a dialogue. It’s not just to speak properly, but we have to use the vocabulary or grammatical structures that we have seen in class during last months.
To be honest, the mark of these tests doesn’t matter at all; it’s just to know how is going our level and to prepare ourselves to the final test in June.
Despite this, I asked for a week off from work in order to study, otherwise it would be impossible to do it because I get home very late every day.
Wish me luck!