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Mar 14, 2014 06:29
My English test was a little worse that I expected... I think it was difficult! The easiest part used to be the reading one, but this time it was not easy at all! For example, in one of the texts, we had to fill gaps with some confusing prepositions. After that we had to do the listening parts; one of these was "understandable" but the other was impossible! it was a girl speaking with an australian accent... Last activity was the writing. After almost three hours doing the other parts, I didn't feel able to make my mind go on working more time! Well, we had to write a email of complaint about a plumbing service; that seemed easy because I knew the typical structures by heart :) Anyway in the last part we had to write an long essay (about 300 words) titled "Bad News is Good news to Media". It was an interesting topic, of course, but I couldn't be creative :S
All in all, I think I won't pass it!