Black Friday in Spain

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Nov 24, 2017 16:52
It’s incredible how we are copying traditions from United States! Today is the famous and expected “black Friday”, a day known in Spain only since three or four years. Before that, every black Friday we could watch on TV how american people were crazy queueing in shop doorways to get the best discount even with violence in some occacions. In a few years, it’s not neccesary to watch international news sections, since those things happen here too.
Not only today but also this whole week have I been hearing and watching advertising about the black Friday! Today mall open until 11pm and even next Sunday they will be open… it’s crazy! The worst thing is that many discounts are misleading advertising and today some ítems are more expensive than usually. For these reason, the consumer assosiation in Spain (FACUA) has created the hashtag “blackfraude” in order to people tell on the Internet the frauds they find out.