Are sports stars overpaid?

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Oct 15, 2014 20:00
Sport has entertained and influenced our lives throughout history. It creates dreams for children and goals for adults. However, many fans are unaware of the huge amounts of money that sports stars pocket each year. Their annual earnings exceed those that any person can make in a lifetime. But, are they really overpaid?

On the one hand, sport is a business so what the owners and teams choose to pay their players is up to them. They are paid what the market will allow, according to their quality as athletes. Besides, sports stars have a limited number of years to earn money, so the money that they earn during this time not only must be enough to support them during these years as athletes but they also have to survive their years of retirement.
On the other hand, the difference between hard working citizens and sports stars leads us to question their contribution to society.
It’s surprising that professions that benefit humanity do not receive nearly as much money as virtually all sports stars; what is more, they barely receive support and attention. In this regard, it is becomes obvious that doctors and teachers are in fact underpaid. People who can hit or kick a ball set the best example of sports stars who are idolized while the ones who save lives struggle to gain recognition.

All in all, I therefore believe that sport stars are overpaid and this fact contributes to teach unethical values to our children. Sports stars exhibit their talent through winning. However, through success many values are taught. Values such as personal responsibility, integrity and respect for one's self and others are replaced with greed and selfishness.
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