New Technologies II

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Mar 3, 2014 19:06
On the other hand, not everything is good with respect to new technologies. It could be dangerous because of an inappropriate use of technology. Nowadays, a large number of people abuse of these, which reduces our memory and interpersonal communication. Even million of couples have been broke up because of social networks.
It's also a matter of concern to think about the future of technologies. For example, scientifics believe that one day people will achieve artificial intelligence. It’s where a computer is conscious and capable of thinking like human. It’s interesting but if computers did everything for us, what would leave for us to do? Maybe a world so comfortable is not as good as it looks.
So the conclusion is that the development of new technologies is very important because it can help to improve the quality of life, cure diseases and solve many problems. But we have to be cautious and maybe, try to return to some traditional methods in terms of social relations if we don’t want to end up relating to each other just in a virtual way. It’s important to be up date but without becoming obsessed with the latest technology.