When We Fall Sleep...

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Feb 27, 2013 04:33
When We Fall Sleep...
We spend sleeping for more than 5 years of our whole life. During those sleepy hours, although it may seem otherwise, our brain has a frenetic activity and it’s when it happens many important process to our body.
One of the most important process is the learning.
Despite until the 20th century people thought that our brain was in a rest at nights, in order to recover the daily activity, nowadays we know it is wrong. While we are sleeping, the knowledges and memories we have achieved during the day are consolidated , that is to say, the short-term memories from hippocampus “move” to the cerebral cortex in order to be stored as long-term memories.
So it is because to sleep is so important for a good learning, because it will make that the things we have learnt becomed embedded in our brain forever, at least unconsciously.