What would you do if tomorrow you play 100000000 euros?

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Jul 9, 2013 06:04
On one hand, I often tell myself things like “I wish I were rich” or “I wish I won the lottery”, but to be honest, I wouldn’t like to get such a large amount of money suddenly. I don’t like luxuries and living a lavish life is not my cup of tea… For that reason, although it even sounds so modest, I wouldn’t change my humble life because I don’t want people change their behavior just for a money reason. I need to know that I have to work, study or achieve personal goals if I want to improve my life in all senses, otherwise I wouldn’t find the motivation to get up every morning!
Maybe I have this way of thinking due to the way I have been bring up and due to my fears and to break up my routine of life, from which I usually complain… Anyway I'd settle for enough money to avoid being afraid to lose my job.
On the other hand, this amount of money would allow me to live as a volunteer in a country in need. It is ironic that we even need money to provide free help ... So, I guess I would create companies, organizations and social works for that. In addition, this would allow me to travel to these countries and experience different cultures so I feel very satisfied.

I also have to say that I think if I had really receive that money, my goals maybe would be more selfish and I would think just of myself, as happens to all the people who become a millionaire.
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