help me with my IELTS. This is "letter' to to the manager of National Expresses lost property department

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Jan 17, 2013 21:34 IELTS preparation
Dear Mr. Jones!
I have been traveling around the world for many years, but never was in such a horrible situation.
I went to Oxford from London by train and my bag was stolen from luggage department. Nobody from National Express employees saw my bag, so I made this conclusion. I was searching my bag for several hours in coach luggage department. In my bag were all my documents, my laptop and several vintage jewelries which belong to my grandmother at one time.
I really upset because no one can help me I really hope you can help me find my bag with watching coach cameras materials and invite police officers.
My bag was orange with stickers from Singapore and Honolulu. About 70 cm high.
My insurance would not compensate me my grandmother necklace. And also I have to spend several weeks to reconstruct all my documents.
Please, take measures to find my bag.
Sincerely yours, Valentina Rasskazova