The most important thing when you learn other language

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Feb 20, 2013 13:48
When I was a student, an American teacher asked us how to make mochi. We needed to explain about how to make mochi to him and it seemed be very complicated to explain for poor English speakers.
Mochi is a rice cake. After we cooked rice, we put it into a mortar and pound it with a pestle. However we didn't know these words, "mortar" nor "pestle" so even the smartest girl in our class couldn't explain how to make mochi.
Suddenly a girl raised her hand and she gestured as if there was a big bucket there and said "Rice? OK?" to the teacher. Then she genstured again as if she hits the bucket and yelled, "Attack! Attack! Attack!"
Everyone laughed at this. But I guess the most important thing when we learn other languages is that not only grammatical things and vocabularies, but also positive intent that you want to express something. Don't hesitate to express your feeling in other languages.

For your information, after the class, she got a new nickname, "Rice Attack."