Negative 3 Words

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Feb 23, 2013 13:15
When my best friend broke up with her boy friend, she complained about his negative words.
"Whenever we go out for a date, he always says three negative words. I am offended by them." she said.

1. I am sleepy
2. I'm tired.
3. I don't have money.

I can understand how she felt bad when she listen to his negative words everytime they meet.
Because women hate these negative words which come from someone whom she loves.
Someone often says,

1. I lost my stamina.
2. I am tired.
3. I have a headache because I dank too much last night.

Negative words are uncomfortable!

1. 眠い。
2. 疲れた。
3. 金がない。


1. スタミナがなくなった
2. 疲れた
3. 昨日の夜飲みすぎて頭いたい。