The moment I feel spring most:)

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Mar 7, 2014 13:45
This is my second post today.
I have many time to post today since it's day off.

It's sunny outside, so I thought it would be warmer outside.
But actually, it's not as warm as I expected, and it's rather chilly.

I feel that spring is just around the corner, though.

I feel spring most when my nose tickles and my eyes are ichy. lol
If you ever experienced spring in Japan, then you might know what I'm trying to say.

In spring, some pollen of plants is starting to spread over, and those who are allergic to pollen like me will have a hard time preventing from it.

I'm sort of afraid to go outside this season of the year even though I really want to.

So, I wear mask to avoid pollen going inside my body.
It's probably better not to put it on.

This is not all when I feel spring, though!
I found interesting flavored ice cream in Seven Eleven the other day.
It was Haagen Dazs' ice cream flavored as Sakura.
I felt spring when I found this because Sakura usually bloom in the begining of spring. There was no way I didn't buy it:)

I could expect what it would taste like because I'd had some Sakura flavored sweets.
Apparently, Sakura flavor is not unique for Japanese people.
But that Sakura flavored ice cream tasted much different than I thought!
It was really good, but I felt the Sakura flavor was a bit stronger.

Anyways, spring is just around corner:)
And I'm excited about it:)