Drinking beer:)

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Mar 8, 2014 12:46
I went out to drink with some of my closest co-workers yesterday.

We went two different Izakaya or bar.
The first one we went was specialized in seafood. You might imagine fish, crabs, and any other seafood, but they were not everything they served, but also "food with fish eggs". They had many kind of dishes with fish eggs since the name of the bar was "魚卵", which means "fish eggs".

We enjoyed the dishes very much.:)
I liked pasta with fish eggs the best.

It might sound gross to eat fish eggs for those fo you who have never visited to Japan, but don't worry. Fish eggs are one of the popular food in Japan, and I'm sure you can really enjoy them.:)

The second bar was specialized in beer. They served all the kind of local beer in Japan. So, if you love beer, you must go there. lol
I was surprised how big the size of a glass was! It was like 30cm tall, so I had hard time to drinking them up all. One glass of beer was enough for me.:)

They also served us very tasty food. I enjoyed them very much.

I took the very last train to my house, so it was over mid-night when I finally got to home.lol

I think Japanese people love to go out to drink until late at night.
So, there are always tons of people waiting for their last trains to come at stations.
Yesterday was not exception!
But, when I look back the night of L.A., there were only few people waiting for their trains in a central station even though it was 9 or 10 pm! My husband and I were really surprised because it was not something that could happen in Japan.:)

I was thinking that on my way to home.

Anyways, I enjoyed yesterday's night very much.:)
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