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Feb 24, 2018 20:22
Since my son is entering a Kindergarden in April, I have to prepare some items that are needed for his kindergarten life.

When I was little, it was common for mothers of kindergarten to saw bags and other needed items, so I still remember what my mom made me for my kindergarten life. But now, as the number of working mothers have increased, it's all up to mothers if they make needed items all by themselves or buy them at stores.

I decided to saw bags and other items because I'm not a working mom and I have some time to do it. :) I even bought a sawing machine for this. (The cheapest one, though. lol)

Now, I've finished making a tote bag. And I still have to make some small bags for his lunch box, cup and etc.

I'm not a sawing person, and my sawing skills are not that great. But I don't feel it's a burden to make things!

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