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Feb 21, 2014 21:03

I'm going to post about a film that I watched during a flight back to Japan because it was the best movie for me among those I'd watched during past couples of years.

The other day, I came across an entry that an another Lang 8er posted how good the film was.

The title of the film is "About time".

I did some research on the film later on, and I found that a director of the film was the same director of "Love actually".

The story is about a man who has an ability to travel time and his life.
I' m so sorry that I'm terrible with explaning^^;

You might expect that it would be SF film or something like that hearing a word "time traveling", but the film is more fucused on things like love, family, and how you live a day.

I didn't expect that the story would go like that, either.

However, is was really really good and I couldn't stop crying.

I defenately recommend to you to watch that film!

I have a bad news for those who live in Japan, though.
I don't really know if it will be open in Japan.

I want to watch it again^^