Taking a bath is the happiest moment for me^^

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Feb 19, 2014 22:45
I just finished taking a bath, and I'm so refreshed.^^

I love taking a bath that I do spend a lot of time taking a bath like an hour.

I feel like I could bathe forever. lol

That's the moment when I feel glad to be born in Japan the most.

I can't tell enough how much I love bathing^^

since I came back from honeymoon, my passion to learn English has been stronger and stronger.

I think I need some opputunities to speak in English.

I felt English spoken by local people is way different from English I've learned so far.
It's much faster.
I felt annoyed with myself for not having been able to catch up with what a woman was saying to me when I was asked a way to the station. I just couldn't follow her speed. (I'm not quite sure why she asked a stranger who looked totally Japanese like me a way, though. Did I look like an American? lol I defenately tell that she was an American from how she spoke English.)

But I got used to the speed shortly after two days or so, that means I need some time to speak in English^^

I'm going to apply for a free trial lesson on skype this weekend.

I though it'd be great if I could speak one more language, and I thought Korean would be good for me because it's said to have same grammer stracture as Japanese, which makes it easier to learn.

I don't really know if I actually give it a shot, though.